Incision and Drainage Trays

Packed 20 trays/carton

Catalog No. Description Preview

Urgent Care Incision & Drainage Kit

One Tray
One 5" Kalsey fine pt. needle holder-satin finish 
One 4 1/2" straight Iris scissors w/lg loops
One Adson tissue forceps 1 x 2-satin finish 
Four 3" X 3" 8-ply gauze dressing

Packed 50 trays/carton


One tray 
One 5-1/2" floor-grade, straight Kelly hemostat 
One scalpel, #11 blade 
One Posi-Grip™ plastic forceps 
One polylined sterile field 
One polylined fenestrated drape 
One polybag with twist tie 
Two large iodophor PVP prep pads 
Four cotton-filled sponges

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Contains all the components of Catalog No. 758, but with sharps protection components.